Edible Wasatch

In a recent Edible Wasatch article called Stellar Chocolate, Scott Moore mentions several local chocolate companies. We were honored to be one of those mentioned. Scott says:

Chocolot is an artisan chocolatier with taste, style, and generations of experience making bars, truffles, and the whole bit. Their chocolates are classy, provocative, and fun–great for a first date or any time you want to impress. There’s a lot of variety to please whomever you’re treating. If they don’t like the dark truffle, maybe they’ll like the peanut butter or the molten caramel. If your date is really sweet, give them Chocolot’s Beehive truffle made with local Slide Ridge honey. Now that’s a great Utah chocolate! I recently ate a sizable portion of a bar from Chocolot that to me epitomizes Christmas, and it’s a total visual delight. On top of this dark beauty are pumpkin seeds, almonds, hazelnuts, candied orange peels, cocoa nibs–a great blend of fruity and savory. Any bar from Chocolot is a gift that doesn’t need wrapping.

Thanks Scott and thanks to Edible Wasatch! We’re indeed very proud of our products, and it’s great to hear that others agree!

Here’s the link for the article.