Holiday Store

Our store at Trolley Square is set up and ready to go! We are opening today (12/3) for the day, and will reopen on 12/8 and remain open through Christmas Eve.

We have a big selection of our chocolates, toffee, chocolate covered cinnamon bears, chocolate covered cookies, as well as a couple new additions this year: a six piece box of one of our most popular flavors–Sur Del Lago, and a five piece box of our Fleur de Sel Caramels.

Not to mention another exciting bit of news: Beehive Cheese is back! We brought in a bunch of their cheese this year, including some of their most popular flavors: Barely Buzzed, Big John Cajun, Seahive, Apple Walnut smoked, and their newest cheese: Teahive.

We brought a block of their Apple Walnut cheese home last night (gotta have quality control, right?) and it was amazing.

So stop by and see us!

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