Welcome to the new site!

We are so excited to bring you the new Chocolot website. We rebuilt the site from the ground up, focusing on ensuring that the website showcases the stars of the show: the chocolates. We strived to make the site easy to navigate and fun to discover. We will update the rotating photos and boxes at the bottom of the home page to make sure you’re informed of the latest Chocolot news.


We have also made the switch from Magento to WordPress in order to improve ease of use on the backend of the site. So, we’ll be able to update our products on the site much easier now.


Our old site was ok, but used Adobe Flash, which isn’t compatible on iOS devices. Also, it was looking just a bit dated and too dark for our liking:

Our new site features lots of white space, sliders on the home page that are HTML5 (and thus compatible on iOS devices) and which are also easily changeable for different products we want to feature throughout the year.

Old flavors page:

And the new:

We’re about 90% complete with the site overhaul. Now we’re just working on formatting some of the pages and doing some minor tweaks. As you click around the site, please drop me a line at ryan [at] sweetchocolot [dot] com and give me feedback on any glitches or suggestions for improvement you may have. We are always striving to make the site as visually pleasing and user friendly as possible.


Again, thank you to all of our loyal customers! We’re excited to launch this next part of our journey together with you. As a special thank you, please use the code NEWSITE to receive 10% off your order. This code will be good through 3/29–just in time for Easter!




P.S. A big thanks to our web guy who was able to get this done on time and on budget! You can find him on twitter here.