Fleur de Sel

From time to time we have customers look at our sea salt caramels and ask us what “Fleur de Sel” means. Quite simply, it’s a salt. But it’s a very special salt, in our opinion.

When the salt is harvested, the harvesters only scrape off the very top part of the salt formation (aka, the fleur, or flower, of the salt). This salt is very flaky, and typically tinged with a bit of gray. Because of the structure of these salt crystals as well as the fact that it has a higher moisture content than the regular table salt we’re used to, it doesn’t dissolve as easily and adds a nice bit of crunch to whatever you add it to. We like to add bit a bit of Fleur de Sel to peanut butter ganache, which gives it some crunch. Fleur de Sel typically tastes more minerally than it does salty, which adds a nice complexity to your food.


We use Fleur de Sel to top our caramels as well as our molten caramel chocolate bar. The slight bit of saltiness you taste with every bite adds complexity and broadens the range of flavors that you taste in our caramels. Interestingly, the salt actually makes things taste sweeter as well.


Fleur de Sel is generally referred to as a finishing salt, which means that you generally don’t cook with it, but apply it right before serving to ensure the salt maintains its structural integrity.


If you’re interested in learning more, I’d recommend checking out David Lebovitz’ post detailing his experience visiting the salt marshes in Brittany.


Also, don’t miss Mark Bitterman’s post, which delves even deeper into finishing salts, and Fleur de Sel in particular.

Easter Fun!

We like to have some fun for Easter and make some products just for kicks.


This year at the Trolley Square store we’ll have a limited selection of dark chocolate covered Peeps.

Also, we have some packages of a new addition to the Chocolate product line: small chocolate covered bits of toffee, decorated with a bit of white chocolate striping. These are super addicting. Trust me.


We hope to see you, so stop by and say hi. We’ll have plenty of samples as well. The store will be open Friday April 6th at 4pm and will stay open until Saturday April 7th at 9pm. So it’ll be the perfect last-minute Easter gift stop! Oh, and don’t forget to RSVP for Ruth’s free class on Saturday at Williams-Sonoma. She’ll be teaching you how to make delicious marshmallows as well as let you in on some of her tricks to making perfect English toffee. RSVP by calling Williams-Sonoma. I’ve heard there’s already quite a few signed up, so call ASAP if you’d like a spot. You can find their info here.