Amedei Chocolate Event Wrap-up

We had such a fun time at the Amedei event last week at Caputo’s. Mom was tasked to create a confection showcasing the nuances of Amedei chocolate. Naturally, we decided to create a Palet d’Or, which, when translated, means “golden puck.” No flavorings were added to the ganache, so it was chocolate and cream, which we then shelled in a pyramid-shaped mold and then topped with gold luster dust to add an extravagant twist. Mom made the chocolates the day before the event, and I’ve never tasted a smoother, creamier ganache than this one. It was truly divine and I couldn’t have been prouder.

In fact, the Italian rep from Amedei, Gabriele Bianchi, said that the chocolates were magnifico.

It was so fun to be able to associate with some of the best chefs in Salt Lake. Lya Luna, Caputo’s pastry chef, treated us to an Amedei-filled Kouing Aman and a dark chocolate cake.

Viet Pham, of chef/co-owner of Forage, showcased his creative abilities by making a Berkshire lard Amedei truffle, which was topped with shaved house-cured speck, marjoram, and pink peppercorns. All of it delicately balanced on a skewer.

Letty Flatt of Deer Valley made delicious hot chocolates using Amedei. Roasted barley and chai were among the ingredients used. She also created the most delicious chocolate cookies.

Matt Harris from Heirloom Restaurant Group brought both his Southern charm and creativity to the event. His dish was basically a deconstructed molé. A dark chocolate truffle which was filled with porky chicharron goodness.

Romina Rasmussen, of Les Madeleines, brought the most decadent dessert of the evening: a Chuao verrine, which was a shot class with various layers of awesome: a chocolate cake bottom, then a ganache, then cremo, and topped with chocolate mousse.

Amber Billingsley, of Vinto, brought the gelato. And boy did she bring it. We got to taste a banana walnut with chocolate, a High West Whiskey straciatella with Amedei 9, and a Hazelnut with Toscano. Each one was perfection.

This was the inaugural chocolate festival, and I was blown away at the turnout. The entire deli was packed to the walls with chocolate lovers. Using world-class chocolate to bring a smile to all of their faces made it all the better.

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