Awards From The 2013 International Chocolate Salon

We’re pleased to announce that Chocolot received several awards in this year’s competitions at the International Chocolate Salon.

For the toffee salon, we took Silver in the following categories: Best Packing, Best Ingredient Combinations, Best Taste, Best Texture, and Top Toffee in Salon.

For the White Chocolate Salon, we took home Gold in the following categories: Best Taste, and Most Unique. We won Bronze in: Best Packaging, Best Ingredient Combinations, Best Texture, and Best White Chocolate. One judge remarked:

Chocolot had very pretty packaging and their bonbons were beautiful. Some flavors were very strong contenders for Best Taste, the Raspberry Rose Caramel, Meyer Lemon, and the Peanut Butter

And for the Caramels Salon, prizes were as follows: Gold in Best Exterior Design and Best Ingredient Combinations, and Bronze in Best Overall Chocolate Artistry.

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