Awards From The 2013 International Chocolate Salon

We’re pleased to announce that Chocolot received several awards in this year’s competitions at the International Chocolate Salon.

For the toffee salon, we took Silver in the following categories: Best Packing, Best Ingredient Combinations, Best Taste, Best Texture, and Top Toffee in Salon.

For the White Chocolate Salon, we took home Gold in the following categories: Best Taste, and Most Unique. We won Bronze in: Best Packaging, Best Ingredient Combinations, Best Texture, and Best White Chocolate. One judge remarked:

Chocolot had very pretty packaging and their bonbons were beautiful. Some flavors were very strong contenders for Best Taste, the Raspberry Rose Caramel, Meyer Lemon, and the Peanut Butter

And for the Caramels Salon, prizes were as follows: Gold in Best Exterior Design and Best Ingredient Combinations, and Bronze in Best Overall Chocolate Artistry.

No Trolley Store This Year

For those who may not know, the Trolley Square holiday store has been run by my wife, Melissa, and me (Ryan) for the past four years. Our first year we started out selling chocolates out of a little wagon-style kiosk in center court.

Both of us have had some work changes this year and were lucky enough to find new full-time jobs. However, as a result of these new jobs, we don’t have the time we used to have to be able to run the holiday shop at Trolley Square. So we’re sad to announce that we won’t have our temporary store this year for the Christmas season.

However, there is a silver lining! We have spoken with Romina at Les Madeleines, and she will be carrying our products for the holiday season. We really appreciate Romina. She was the first business in Salt Lake to carry our product years ago, and we’re excited to have it back at her shop.

So please stop by Les Madeleines to pick up your Chocolot. And of course, as always, you can call us at (801) 475-5050 for special orders.

Les Madeleines
216 E 500 S
Salt Lake City
(801) 355-2294

Holiday Store

Our store at Trolley Square is set up and ready to go! We are opening today (12/3) for the day, and will reopen on 12/8 and remain open through Christmas Eve.

We have a big selection of our chocolates, toffee, chocolate covered cinnamon bears, chocolate covered cookies, as well as a couple new additions this year: a six piece box of one of our most popular flavors–Sur Del Lago, and a five piece box of our Fleur de Sel Caramels.

Not to mention another exciting bit of news: Beehive Cheese is back! We brought in a bunch of their cheese this year, including some of their most popular flavors: Barely Buzzed, Big John Cajun, Seahive, Apple Walnut smoked, and their newest cheese: Teahive.

We brought a block of their Apple Walnut cheese home last night (gotta have quality control, right?) and it was amazing.

So stop by and see us!

Also, I’d recommend “Liking” us on Facebook or following us on Twitter or Google+. We’ll be doing a fun promo for our fans next week, but you’ll only hear about it if you friend us. :)

Chocolot named “Most Gifted Chocolatier” in both the Chicago Chocolate Salon and the Bridal Luxury Salon

In a competition packed with amazing competitors, Chocolot was recognized by the judges of the Chicago Chocolate Salon in various categories. We received medals in the following:

  • Best Truffle
  • Top Artisan Chocolatier
  • Most Artistic Design
  • Best Gift Set
  • Most Luxurious Chocolate Experience
  • Best Traditional Chocolates
  • Best Flavored Chocolates
  • Best Caramels
  • Top Toffee in Salon
  • Best in Salon
  • Best Presentation and Packaging
  • Most Gifted Chocolatier
  • Best Comfort Chocolate Product

One judge said “the single best thing I put in my mouth was Chocolot’s toffee.”

In the Bridal Luxury Chocolate Salon, we took home the following awards:

  • Best Dark Chocolate
  • Top Artisan Chocolatier
  • Most Delicious Ingredient Combination
  • Most Artistic Designs
  • Best Bridal Gift Set
  • Most Luxurious Chocolate Experience
  • Best for the Bride
  • Best in Salon
  • Best Presentation and Packaging
  • Most Gifted Chocolatier

We are humbled by these awards and are delighted that people enjoy our chocolates!