Post from Ruth: Artisan vs Artesian

I have been asked from time to time what the word “artisan” means. I guess it has different meanings, but to me, it means making something by hand with passion. It isn’t making something in a large factory with big machinery by workers who are there just to get a pay check. Artisans are usually small operations with workers who are passionate about what they are making and use local, top-quality ingredients whenever possible. It is all about having pride in what they are making and how they make quality products. Lately, the word “artisan” is being taken over by big businesses trying to make their national brands sound like they are small, local, and hand-produced. Let’s hope Artisan still means something.

By the way, “artesian” refers to underground water.


p.s. An excellent tongue-in-cheek poke at the death of the word artisan in The Atlantic Wire