Valrhona Dulcey

Something special is brewing in the Chocolot test kitchen. We are working with a brand new chocolate from Valrhona called Dulcey. People either love or hate white chocolate, but I’m confident that once you taste Dulcey, you’ll be a fan of this new concoction by the French chocolate company. The chocolate was initially developed by accident. About eight years ago, someone in the Valrhona test kitchen left some white chocolate on low heat overnight. The R&D tester came in the following morning and discovered he left the chocolate on all night long. And then he tasted it and realized he was on to something. The sugars in the chocolate caramelized, turning the chocolate into a sweet chocolate with strong hints of caramel and shortbread. Valrhona spent the following eight years (!!!) perfecting the recipe and just released this special new chocolate to the public.

We have been playing with some different flavors using the Dulcey, and we can’t wait to put together some special boxes featuring these chocolates. Today we developed a chocolate with Dulcey and Peanut Butter ganaches. We also made a Dulce De Leche ganache featuring Dulcey chocolate.



TasteTV Chocolate Salon

The results for the International Chocolate Salon/TasteTV Chocolate Salon were just announced, and we couldn’t be more pleased! See below for the awards.

Top Caramel–Gold (named official caramels of the TasteTV awards)
Best Ingredient Combination–Silver
Best Packaging–Bronze

Best Packaging–Bronze

And in the Bridal Salon:
Best Milk Chocolate–Gold
Top Artisan Chocolatier–Gold
Best Flavored Chocolate–Gold
Most Gifted Chocolatier–Gold
Most Delicious Ingredient Combination–Silver
Most Luxurious Chocolate Experience–Silver
Best Caramel–Silver
Best in Salon–Silver
Best Presentation and Packaging–Silver
Best Dark Chocolate–Bronze

What do you use to make all the colors and designs on your chocolates?

This may be the most frequently asked question we get about our chocolates due to the beautiful designs and colors. In fact, we get many customers asking us if our chocolates are edible!

Believe it or not, each Chocolot chocolate is individually decorated. When you produce tens of thousands of chocolates per year you can do the math and realize it’s quite a labor intensive and time consuming process to make these delicious treats.

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