Holiday Flavors

Aztec Spice

Three flavors in one—first you taste pineapple, then cinnamon, then the habanero comes in

Beehive Honey

Dark honey from Northern Utah flavors this popular chocolate


Pumpkin Spice

Warm, winter spices in a milk chocolate ganache
Winter only

Cinnamon Bun

Cinnamon infused caramel ganache with a layer of crunchy speculoos cookie  butter


Crème Brulee

Caramel ganache with a burnt sugar crunch inside

Fleur de Sel Caramel

Rich, smooth caramel enrobed in dark chocolate with a sprinkle of French sea salt


Hazelnut Gianduja combined with smooth milk chocolate ganache

Grand Marnier

Bright orange zest combines with chocolate ganache and a hint of grand marnier, cast in dark chocolate


This 70% dark chocolate from Caribbean islands is a dark chocolate lovers treat

Key Lime

Floral Key lime juice and white chocolate in a smooth ganache shelled in milk chocolate

Lemon Meringue

A layer of soft marshmallow over a bright, tart lemon ganache  

Lemon Pistachio

Two layers of deliciousness – tart lemon and nutty pistachio


Dark chocolate from Madagascar in an intense, smooth ganache enrobed in dark chocolate

Mexican Vanilla

Organic vanilla from Mexico blended with rich chocolate and heavy cream

Meyer Lemon

Meyer lemon juice flavors this piece that tastes like lemon pie

Milk Chocolate Crunch

Creamy, mild milk chocolate in a milk chocolate shell topped with chocolate shots

Mint Leaf

Mint leaves infuse heavy cream in this white chocolate ganache shelled in dark chocolate

Molten Caramel

A milk chocolate shell holds the smooth, flowing caramel

Organic 66% Dark Ganache

Rich, dark, smooth ganache enrobed in a dark chocolate

Passion Fruit

Tart-sweet passion fruit gelle layered over a white chocolate ganache, shelled in milk chocolate

Peanut Butter

Two layers of yummy goodness. Creamy peanut butter tops a chocolate layer for total richness

Pecan Turtle

A layer of creamy caramel over toasted pecan bits covered with silky chocolate


Dark chocolate and pomegranate juice makes for a slightly tart sensation
Winter only

Raspberry Rose

A dark chocolate ganache with red raspberries and a hint of Rose shelled in dark chocolate
Winter only

Root Beer Float

Root beer and white chocolate in a smooth ganache cast in a white shell
Summer only

Strawberry Balsamic

A smooth blend of strawberries and a hint of sweet balsamic vinegar in a milk chocolate ganache shelled in milk chocolate

Sur del Lago

South American rich chocolate ganache


An Asian citrus. A combination of mandarin, lemon, and grapefruit